200++ Northern Highbush Blueberry Seeds


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Northern Highbush Blueberry Seeds (200+ Seeds Per Pack)

Farm Fresh Blueberry Seeds from our KY Blueberry Farm
Honest Seed Co is a producer and purveyor of high quality garden seeds. We take great pride in our seed business, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Information on our freshly harvested Blueberry seeds below:
Blueberry Variety: Northern Highbush Blueberry
Germination Rate: Nearly 100%
Flavor: Sweet
Berry Size: Medium
Maturity Height: 4 feet upright
Season: Mild
Freezing Quality: Excellent
Berry Firmness: Very
Cold Hardy: Excellent
Unique Quality: Super Winter Hardy
Blueberry Seeds can be propagated from seeds very easily. Will germinate all year long, however January and February are generally best.
Blueberry Seeds are slow to germinate! Please be aware, it will take about 4 weeks for the first seed to sprout, however most will germinate over the next couple of months after sowing.
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