50+ Florence Fennel

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50+ Florence Fennel Seeds | Non-GMO

If you like black licorice, you’re going to love fennel! Often used in culinary cooking, fennel can be added to salads raw or steamed, stir-fried, braised or baked to add a licorice-like flavor. Use the fern-like tops as a fresh or dried herb to your cooking, tea, etc.



Growing Florence Fennel Seeds

Name: Florence Fennel / Foeniculum vulgare
Days to Maturity: 75-120 days
Light Preference: Prefer full sun, however will grow indoors under a T5 fluorescent light.
Hardiness Zones: 8a-10b (Annual)
Plant Spacing: 9-12 inches apart
Soil Preference: Fennel prefers well-drained soil.
Plant Height: 18-24 inches.
Uses: Known for its licorice scent and flavor, Fennel often used in cooking. Can also be used as microgreens, garnishes and salad toppings, herb gardening, cooking, seasoning and more.

More about Florence Fennel

Fennel is an herb in the celery family that is popular as a garnish. Because it’s anise flavor is so mild, it makes a great choice as a garnish for a wide variety of dishes from sweet to savory. You will likely have a much easier time growing micro-fennel in soil. Sow seeds a little more thinly and give your plants room to grow. Fennel seed husks can be stubborn in clinging to leaves, so plan on growing long enough for most to drop. Micro fennel seeds for microgreens.

Don’t confuse Fennel with the Anise plant, as they are completely different. Fennel is more versatile as you can generally purchase in several forms, including seed, leaves, bulb, etc. Anise on the other hand is generally only found in seed form, either whole or ground.

About Florence Fennel

Here’s what a Florence Fennel plant looks like once harvested. The entire plant is edible and delicious!

Learn more about Florence Fennel.

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