Hot Cayenne Long Slim Peppers

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40 Hot Cayenne Long Slim Pepper Seeds | Non-GMO

A versatile pepper to have on offering just the right amount of heat. Can be used in so many ways, including pickling, canning and drying. Bright fiery red peppers are no thicker than a pencil. Great when added to chili and homemade salsa! Dry peppers and chop to make your own homemade hot pepper flakes.

Scoville Rating: 30,000 to 50,000



Cayenne Peppers have so many uses and are a must have in every garden! Harvest in just 72 days from seed, this plant will keep producing long slim delicious peppers.

Grows 18-24 inches in height with lots of green foliage. The peppers are dark green to bright red in color. Open pollinated. Germination time is 14-28 days, and is a very faster grower.

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