Hummingbird Butterfly Blend | Perennial Wildflower Mix with 23 Flower Varieties


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Hummingbird Butterfly Wildflower Seed Pollinator Mix

400+ Seeds Per Pack
Wildflower Seed Type: Mix of 23 varieties of perennials and annuals
Sow Indoors or Outdoors: Wildflower blends are easy to grow from seed and recommended for direct outdoor sowing after the frost. Mix wildflower seeds with sand to increase visibility during sowing. Broadcast the blend of seed/sand over an area of ground and evenly rake and lightly tamp wildflower seeds into the soil. Germination for the 23 varieties occurs between 10 – 30 days. Wildflower seeds sown in the fall will be dormant until spring.
Days to Maturity: Varies
Hardiness Zone: 2 – 10
Seed Planting Depth: Broadcast seeds over desired plot and tamp
Wildflower Growth Habit: Blend of various 24 – 48” tall wildflowers with 12 – 15” spreads of blooms
Soil Preference: Average, loamy, medium-moist, well-drained
Light Preference: Full sun
Diseases/Pests/Troubleshooting: Wildflowers are one of the easiest, hardiest, and fastest-growing flowers available to gardeners. Do not use pesticides because they are harmful to bees.
Color: A mix of summertime color of 23 different varieties
Pollinator Mix blend of wildflowers will mature at various times during the season, filling in your garden with vibrant, untamed, summertime color. Pollinator Mix wildflower seeds contain a mix of 23 different varieties of wildflowers known to be especially desired by hummingbirds, butterflies, and other important pollinators. Growing insect-friendly flowers is the single most important way you can help bolster your local honey bee population. Try to eliminate using pesticides in the garden. They’re bad for humans, but even worse for pollinators. Buy Pollinator Mix Wildflower seed mix online.
Annual and perennial mix. Our pollinator mix attracts hummingbirds and butterflies with a wildflowers blend that grows a season-long charm that lives up to its name attracting bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds to the garden all summer long. Pollinator Mix wildflower seeds contain a blend of 23 bright, aromatic, and nectar-rich wildflowers including Larkspur, Columbine, Snapdragon, Cosmos, Foxglove, Poppy, and Zinnia. Hummingbird/Butterfly Wildflower Mix seeds promises an exciting and unpredictable explosion of summertime favorites perfect for “wild” and “untamed” flower beds. Hummingbird/Butterfly Mix wildflowers are hardy, easy to grow from seed, and ideal for kids or novice gardeners, and attract beautiful birds, bees, and other beneficial creatures.
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