500+ Lemon Mint Bergamot | Medicinal Culinary Herb

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500+ Used for both Culinary and Medicinal purposes, Lemon Mint provides a delicious flavor and lemony aroma. This plant also is beautiful to look at and will provide a great addition to any landscape with its bright green leafy stalks and vibrant purple flowers.

Very easy to grow, and will provide tiered pink and purple blossoms from August until frost. Lemon Bergamot can self-sow, and its seeds are easily collected.


Lemon Mint Bergamot, aka Monarda Citriodora, is a versatile herb used for medicinal, culinary and ornamental purposes. Culinary uses include added flavoring to food, salads and drinks (teas), where as medicinal uses have been known to help with coughs, colds, fevers and respiratory ailments.

The essential oil extracted from this herb is most commonly known as Citronella, used as an inspect repellent and also in perfumery.

The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked, and offer a very pleasant lemon flavor.

This is considered an annual/perennial depending upon which zone you’re located in. Flowers generally appear July to August, and will last until frost. Grows to 2 feet in height, and provides a pleasant lemon aroma.

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