Orange Habanero Pepper Seeds

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The original Habanero Pepper! Bright orange in color, and HOT HOT HOT! These Habanero Pepper Seeds are sure to germinate quickly and produce some of the best tasting Habanero Peppers. Commonly used for sauces and consumed only by the bravest. These peppers are not only spicy, but also offer a very pleasant fruitiness in flavor. A must have for any pepper lover!


25+ Orange Habanero Pepper Seeds | Non-GMO

Heirloom Orange Habanero Pepper Seeds with a heat index of 100,000 to 350,000 Scoville Units. Originating in the Yucatan in Mexico, these peppers offer a burst of fruity flavor. These habanero peppers will spice up any dish or sauce.

Habaneros are 1-2 inches long and mature in only 80-100 days. This pepper requires full sun, and it’s best planted during the warm months. You can sow the seeds indoors; 1/4 inch deep. A very hardy variety that grows year-round.

Did you know you can grow Habanero Peppers indoors all year long? Just be sure to place your plant near a sunny window, or under an LED grow light and you’ll have Habanero’s all year long!

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