Red Burgundy Onion Seeds



Red Burgundy Onion Seeds Non-GMO

200+ Onion Seeds per pack
About Red Onion’s
Other Names: Red Burgundy Onion
Days to Maturity: 170 days
Hardiness Zone: 8-9
Planting Depth: 0.5”
Plant Spacing: 3”
Row Spacing: 3”
Growth Habit: Bulb with upright greenery
Soil Preference: Fertile, well-drained soil
Temp Preference: Soil should reach 50℉
Light Preference: Full sun
Pests/diseases: Mildew, rot
Color: Dark red, pink 
Flavor: Mild, sweet
The Red Burgundy Onion seeds produce in 170 days and are a great addition to the garden. Red Burgundy Onions produce a 3- 4 inch globe with dark red skin. This red onion variety is a short-day type and does better in southern gardens. Allium cepa ‘Red Burgundy’ is great to eat fresh out of the garden due to the fact it does not store well. The flattened globes with off- white flesh and red rings are particularly mild and sweet.
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