50+ Large Jalapeno M Pepper Seeds


50+ Jalapeno M Pepper Seeds| Non-GMO

The most common variety of Jalapeno peppers around. Excellent for pickling, making salsa or just adding to any dish for extra spicy flavor. These plants grow well in containers and raised bed, and are easy to grow. Matures in about 75 days.


Grow Large Jalapeno M Peppers from Seed

Name: Large Jalapeno M Pepper / Capsicum annuum
Days to Maturity: 75 days
Light Preference: Full sun
Hardiness Zones: 3-12
Plant Height: 30″

This is the popular variety of Jalapeno peppers, producing large fruits with an average size of 3.5″ x 1.5″. Popular in both American and Mexican cuisine. Excellent for pickling, making salsa, or just slicing and adding to food for extra flavor.

Grows well in containers or raised beds.

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