50+ Lemon Cucumber Seeds


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Lemon Cucumber Garden Seeds

50+ Non-GMO Seeds
About Lemon Cucumbers 
Matures in only 65 days, these cucumbers resemble lemons due to their color, shape and size, hence the name Lemon Cucumbers. The fruits are baseball size with white to bright yellow flesh. Sweet and tender in flavor.
Great for slicing and pickling, easy to grow.
Matures: 60-70 days
Zones: 3-12
Planting Depth: 1″
Plant Spacing: 18″
Row Spacing: 7′
Growth Habit: Vine
Soil Preference: Well drained, temperature between 65-75F
Temp Preference: Warmer
Light Preference: Full Sun
Diseases/Pests: Susceptible to corn wireworms, cutworms, and fungal diseases
Flavor: Sweet and Tender
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